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  • Sydney’s last minute lindy exchange (10-13 May 2016)

    We recently did something cool in Sydney. The Sydney Swing Festival was cancelled at the last minute, for a range of reasons, and the local Sydney dancers were concerned visitors would be left with nothing to do. One woman in particular, Christine, started a facebook group. Her first post on the 2nd of June was […]

  • Why we should talk about sexual assault in dance.

    I was just thinking about why women telling their stories about being assaulted or attacked or harassed in the lindy hop and other jazz dance scenes is so important. It’s about consciousness raising. In an old school feminist consciousness raising group, women would speak about their experiences. They would just tell each other about the things […]

  • A half-arsed report on our sexual harassment responses

    [note]This was a post on the facey, which I’ve started writing up here.[/] Remind me to write up a report on how our new reporting and preventing sexual harassment and accidents process went at LBW. Short version: it worked. Mid-length version: we put together a door handbook, reporting forms, and a process for reporting incidents. […]

  • Just start with believing her

    The Perception Gap: Women Half As Likely to Believe Women and Men Have Equal Opportunities in the Workplace Perceptions of gender inequity. With special mention of Lake Wobegone, aka town of Prairie Home Companion. Unsurprisingly, the people who benefit from inequity are less aware of it than those who are disadvantaged by the status quo. […]

  • Why we need codes of conduct and sexual assault response strategies

    I believe that our dance community is generally well behaved, and I am not sure we need a codified response. Just be respectful to everyone, respect their space, dont abuse your position, much the same as in everyday life. Dancing gives no extra rights to misbehave. But we are all adults, right? I get people […]

  • more about safety

    I’ve been fussing over what to put on a paper version of our code of conduct to have at all our classes and parties. Until I realised I could just use the ‘back’ of the Jazz with Ramona program I developed. SORTED. When I get more time I’ll break up the text a bit or […]