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  • no

    Ok white Australians, NO MORE CRICKET FOR YOU. Goddammit ENOUGH with the racism.

  • Soccer Update

    Soccer update: Rain interrupts play.

  • Soccer Update

    Soccer update: dog will only allow kicks if she is carried by kickers, and thus out of the danger zone. 7.7kg of added weight = 7.7kg of added strength for the Matildas.

  • Soccer Update

    Soccer update: got told off for kicking a ball in the house.

  • Soccer Update

    Took my new soccer ball to the park. Dance’s made me awesome at ambi-kicking. Cracked a sweat. Scared the dog. Got scouted for the Matildas.

  • Drawing a line from pathologising Black bodies to lindy hop

    What if Doctors Stopped Prescribing Weight Loss? Women, and particularly women of colour, are less likely to have their health concerns addressed by medical professionals. Doctors and health care workers are more likely to emphasise weight loss as a ‘cure’ for various ailments than any other therapy. This interesting article discusses how medical discourse pathologises […]

  • Run with me!

    If you like jazz and adrenaline, then you might like my new project, Run With Sam. It’s free, it’s easy, and you don’t need any special gear. Want to start running? Run with me! I’m full of good intentions, but I don’t always follow through. So I wouldn’t mind a bit of company. I’m using […]

  • Ways climate change is affecting lindy hop in Australia

    – We don’t run events in January and February as it’s too physically hot, and December is on the way out. This means that we’ll lose a quarter of the calendar year for big weekend events; – Musicians can’t make gigs because they’ve lost their homes in bushfires. This means that our world standard jazz […]

  • I could burn them where they stand

    I’ve been a little sceptical of claims that Sanders is more feminist than Clinton because of that one time he was down for equal rights. I’m sure he’s a great bloke, but Clinton’s got feminist cred. Long term feminist cred. You don’t tell them to fuck off. You let them test you to see if […]

  • Double Dutch Divas

    link I’m reading through Kyra D. Gaunt’s book ‘Games Black Girls Play’ again (!!) and there’s a fun bit about double dutch, or skip rope with two ropes. There’s a section where Gaunt goes to jump with the Double Dutch Divas (or Shout Sister Shout). She talks about two things that were really interesting: a) […]