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  • 30 foods a day

    I quite like these stories about lunch times in Japanese schools. The bit that western journalists seem to fixate on is the lower obesity rates in Japanese kids. The bit that I’m really interested in is the ’30 foods a day’ rule. Followed closely by the importance of sitting down at a shared table to […]

  • Soccer update

    Soccer update: pitch filled with intimidating tween Matildas, so kicked in the park. Got pooped on by a bird. Dog still scared of ball.

  • year of the doge

    Happy new year of the doge. May your year be full of interesting smells and unusual holes.

  • Updates.

    Hello! I’m still here! Had a stupid busy few months, though. November-February is THE busiest time of year. End of year wrapping up, christmas drama, new year drama. But here, in this post: no drama. Soz, doods. Later in the year, maybe. Here is what I did: Went to Stockholm for christmas. Very nice, thanks. […]

  • Preparations begin

  • Women’s History Month: *facepalm*

    So you might have noticed a lack of WHM posts lately. Here is my litany of excuses: – Hayfever has put me down for the last few days. Big time. – We discovered a leak into the concrete slab of our flat last week, and have spent a week moving our ONE HUNDRED BOXES OF […]

  • (Try To) Write About Jazz

    (Photo of Amiri Baraka by Pat A. Robinson, stoled from here). Long time no post. I’ve been busy with a few different projects lately, most of them impeded by vast quantities of randomly-generated anxiety. I’m bossing some DJs for MLX11, I’m bossing some DJs locally, I’m sorting some solo dance practices, I’m looking at venues, […]

  • No Meat Week continues… and continues…

    Laura linked me up with the Guardian article “Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: the joy of veg” and it reminded me that I’d been talking about our no meat week here and not reported on it recently. We are still not cooking meat at home for dinner. It’s been ages, and we’ve only cooked meat perhaps 6 times […]

  • Country Red Rice (from Sri Lanka, Jothi brand)

    Country Red Rice (from Sri Lanka, Jothi brand), originally uploaded by dogpossum. …with some leftover curry. country-red-rice-closeup, originally uploaded by dogpossum. This rice is DELICIOUS. It’s like brown rice, if you’ve rubbed off most of the brown, and the brown is actually a rusty red. It’s sort of a broken grain, and clumps together when […]

  • No Meat Week: no. 65million – Red Slop and Nice Rice

    We are still not cooking meat at home. Although we did last night. But that was an exception, and organic, free range lalala hippy la meat. That’s the rule. No cooking meat unless it’s from organic free range lala sources. But that’s the only time we’ve cooked meat since we started this whole thing. Recipes […]