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  • Developing a practical covid plan: What if someone won’t do x, y, or z?

    Today I was talking to someone completely unconnected to the dance world, and they asked what I’d been doing lately. I mentioned that I’d been been working on a covid policy, and it was really interesting because it was a way to talk about flatter power structures (and fighting The Man). I wanted to do […]

  • Quick, what’s a casual, non-confrontational way to tell your fave barista doods to put their masks over the mouth and nose, not just chin?

  • Happy covid new year

    If you are feeling a bit worried about the covid cases, Sydney, NSW Health on fb has the most up to date info. Our new local case numbers are low, and all are from known sources. It’s ok. ❤️👍🏼 Tip: don’t monitor it in real time. It will stress you out. Tip2: melbourne people, maybe […]

  • Still no touchy

    Can we social dance YET?! I am not an epidemiologist or the boss of covid. BUT. I have been keeping an eye out. The rules have changed (as of Monday 7th Dec), and yes, we can dance! But still: NO TOUCHY. It totally sucks, but not as much as dying of covid or killing your […]

  • aerosol v droplet transmission

    tldr; 1) Keep your goobs at home with you. 2) Don’t visit other people, or invite them (and their goobs) to your indoor gathering. 3) Stay 1.5m away from other humans. 4) NO TOUCHY (don’t touch your face, don’t touch your mask, don’t touch other people). Masks If you do wear a mask, you’re going […]

  • mask rage?

    Australians*: please don’t get your rage on about people not wearing masks. I know you’re afraid. But the people who will suffer most from aggressive mask policing are not random white people at Bunnings. It will be the poor and homeless, Blak kids and migrant workers. If you feel the urge to rantpost about masks, […]