Seoul indy street fashion report:

Oxford shirts, oxford shirts. Wear them buttoned to the chin, and wear them in every single fabric you can find. Pair them with a round necked knitted sweater or a cardigan. Put a brooch on it.
Skirts are mid-calf, and there are buttons down the front of dresses. Say yes to berets, to huge, dark rimmed glasses, and the sleek bob/sharp fringe is definitely in for ladies of fashion. Jackets and coats are bulky and square – very 1980s.
Trousers are likewise mid-calf (for men and women fashionistas!), fuller-lines (goodbye skinny jeans), and have double pleats and nice placquet pocket features. Think tweed, nice wools, and ‘natural’ colours.

My tip: the sleek-lined, rectangular ‘laptop’ backpack (perfect for Seoul’s packed subway) are in for the more m/s fashionistas, and very excellent. Solid colours for people like me, browns and neutrals with leather features for people like Alice.

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