Baz and mandarin peel

I am trying to improve my drawing, so have been taking requests and illustrating friends’ tweets. This is Basil (friends’ companion who usually lives over at Sorrow at Sills Bend) with mandarin peel.
It is winter, here, and mandarins are in season in a major way. I ate so many at MSF I gave myself a rash. My favourites are Honey Murcotts, but they’re harder to find than the ubiquitous, people’s favourite Imperial. The Murcott has a stronger, more orangey flavour and scent and isn’t as loose in its skin as the Imperial.
Basil is an internet rockstar.

2 Replies to “Baz and mandarin peel”

  1. I love this picture. We always get the Imperials ’cause they are easier for Lil to peel herself (I’m not a mandarin fan). The Murcotts are regularly available at the farmers markets and the farmers outlet though…

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