8 songs about food

8 songs with lyrics about ‘eating’. And when I say ‘eating’, I mean ‘sex’. Well, mostly. Some are actually songs about food. Probably. But not the Fats Waller ones.
There are approximately 60 squillion billion jazz and blues songs about ‘food’ and ‘eating’. These are only 8, but 8 that I really like, or that we sign around our house, or that are just plain good.
Bessie Smith’s ‘Gimme a Pigfoot’ is the best, because it’s a song about simple culinary and social pleasures – a pigfoot and a bottle of beer. And she’s not going to be payin’ 25c to go in NOwhere.

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  1. All This Beef And Big Ripe Tomatoes – Julia Lee and band -1951
    All this Meat And No Potatoes – Fats Waller and his Rhythm – 1941
    ‘Tutti Fruitt’ – Slim and Slam – 1938
    I Like Pie, I Like Cake (but I like you best of all) – Goofus Five 1924
    Gimme A Pigfoot – Bessie Smith – 1933
    I Like Bananas (because they have no bones) – WIllie Bryant Orchestra – 1936
    Hold Tight (want some seafood, mama) – Fats Waller and his Rhythm – 1939
    Cole Slaw – Jesse Stone and his Orchestra – year?

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