speed on!

The doc suggested I try some decongestants to help my inner ears clear up (they regularly fill up with goo after I get heinous cold). So we went old school and now I’m taking Sudafed during the day. I can’t take it at night.
Basically, it’s turned me into a speedfreak. I’m trembling, I feel like I’m just about to deliver a lecture all the time and I have a few anxiety issues. Well, not real ones (I’m actually feeling pretty mellow), but I’m trembling, my heart is thumping and… well, my nose is running.
The most interesting part of all this? I can breathe through both nostrils, no wucks. I hadn’t realised til yesterday that I haven’t been able to breathe freely through both nostrils with my mouth closed in years. It’s a bit weird. I can’t help but wonder how this will help my dancing. Will I become an oxygen-rich bio-machine? Will I run faster, jump higher? And then crash, as my system compensates for this excessive performance, systems going into fuckdown mode, body eating its own muscles to replace the energy used in brief bursts of supersonic, arsekickingly sweet solo jazz?
Thankfully, the doc also checked my blood pressure – it’s perfect. So perfect, she commented a few times. I think that my winter-padding led her to believe I was actually At Risk. But she, of course, is unaware of the fitness-inducing effects of the cranky poo.
Also, I have gotten back into the cranky poo. I now remember the first half. I will work on the second half today, now that I’ve done the prep for teaching this week. Then I will be a gun.
Then I will go back to the Big Schnapple and see if I can finally figure out the second half of that.
It’s kind of nice having a memory like a sieve – everything old is new again.
And while we’re talking endorphine-charged speedfreakin’ old-is-new badassery… the jitterbug contest from Keep Punchin’. If you look real close, you can see me:

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  1. Man that title led me to believe that this post was gonna have some Roller Derby action in it. Did you see that doco on the ABC last night? I can see you doing that stuff. The Sydney girls looked *Disciplined*. Very Ham.
    Hope the breathing works out for you ;-)

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