whinge, speech, whine, blah blah blah

Now that most of our stuff is packed up there’s not much crafting to be done. No pop up tools. No sewing machines. No yarn. Just me, the telly, all the Buffy and Angel DVDs and the heater. I could say that I’m bored… but that would be… ungrateful? Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to dinner: ma por tofu. The Squeeze is the best ma por tofu maker ever. He’s always been a really big fan of that particular dish, and now I love it too. It’s comfort food. Yummy, delicious, glutinous comfort food.
In other news, it is pretty good to have the house stuff under control. Packing is right on track. The garden is still kind of trashed – it’s steadily being worked on, but the weather is a bit off-putting. The cleaning looms, of course – five years worth of occupancy is going to take a little more cleaning than I’m used to. But it’s a good thing we’re tough.
–Aside: Doesn’t Buffy whine and whinge and speech and bore and whine and annoy and whinge and … oh, man, will she ever shut up? Season 7 is just one long, boring, annoying bitch fest. Harden up, Buffy! Good thing Angel brings it a little more in the parallel season…–
Is The Squeeze ever coming home? All that ma por tofu talk is making me HUNGRY!
I don’t think I have anything more to say, really. So I might as well carry on with the annoying Buffy rubbish.