a haraway moment

today i suddenly thought (while i was reading this blog), how do we know what someone’s gender is when we read their blog? i’ve sort of been thinking, off to the side of my brain there, where i don’t notice it, ‘wonder if this person’s a girl or a boy’ when i read a new blog.

and then i thought, ‘oh, i must be easy to pick’. what with that big picture of myself up there at the top. you’d be surprised how many of my readers (my readers – fahahfhfha)have said ‘hey, where did you get a picture that looks like yourself from?’ or ‘hey, that picture really looks like you!’. maybe i’m a more convincing artist than i’d thought?

does gender change the way i read a blog? i’m noticing that most of the ones that i’m getting from this site and sticking in my favourites (- blogs and friends’ sites – blogs to read) are by blokes over 35 with at-home jobs.

i was looking for some ‘feminist’ blogs, or at least blogs by women who weren’t writing cutesy stories about their goddamn motherfukking cats (sorry, but really – CATS?! what the goddamn fukk?!! how can i be expected to bear this bullshit…?). i’m liking reading the identity blogs, but i’m not afro-american, so i’m looking for some other sorts of resonances… oh, i should add that most of my most-read blogs are by gay men, or hetero men with kids.